Muscle Up Your Data in Social Media

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2 min readSep 22, 2021


In January 2021, Canadians spent an average of one hour and 46 minutes per day using social media and more than six hours per day using the internet in general¹.

Are you putting your numbers to work?
The rise in requests from clients for infographic content across all media has risen by about 80% in our agency over the last couple of years. Infographics are being requested for annual reports, corporate videos, and especially social media. Clients want to show their numbers.

Numbers quickly tell a story. They are impactful in getting out key messages that could otherwise take hundreds of words to explain. They offer transparency and empower audiences with factual content that we all desperately want to help divide fact from fiction.

Flexing your data muscle will bolster your communications and add value to your brand.

Top 5 suggestions to put the power of your data in posts:

  1. Show your numbers. When creating social content, leverage your numbers. Add facts and data into your content mix. Give your statistics graphical treatment in at least some of your posts.
  2. Less is more. If your data story is complex, break it down into more posts rather than packing in too many messages. Each number can stand alone disseminating one impactful message at a time.
  3. Lead by design. Visually brand a series of information by product, service, or key message. This could be as easy as titling, colours, and fonts to differentiate data that comes from different areas of your business lines. Don’t forget to leverage your corporate brand guide to tie in your posts too.
  4. A path to value. Create click-through data posts to encourage a viewer to “find out more”. This allows you to measure interest — was this post valuable? Once there, you can also measure further interest by having a download PDF or sign up for regular columns.
  5. Pictures and numbers. Use graphics or photos to design a visually pleasing post. Supporting your data with images will get more eyes and shares than posts that don’t leverage visuals.

Below are some samples of data infographics that demonstrate some of these concepts.

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¹ Source: Statista, January 2021